Whiteness and literature: learning about superiority

Whiteness studies is a research area I have been working on over the last few years. It is a complimentary way of studying the issue of ‘racism’. This is an interdisciplinary area of inquiry looking at the various cultural, historical and sociological aspects of being ‘white’: it looks at this as a social construction and the ideology tied to this status. Not everyone is convinced that this area adds much to the racism literature, but I think it is another tool in understanding one of the most complex issues of our society: racism.


Recently, I have been working with Swedish academic, Tobias Hubinette, to see how whiteness and the associated social status is embedded in our literature especially around adoption. We had the following chapter published (following the links from here: ebook_Arvanitakis_Hubinette_vFinal) looking at this topic as part of a larger e-book titled On Whiteness by ID Net.

Our chapter looks at the adoption of ‘white settlers’ of indigenous peoples in various different ways and links it with the settlers need to ‘feel at home’. As always, I would be interested in your thoughts…

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