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Dutch Disease: Resource Riches can be an Economic Curse

One of the things that has always worried me has been the over reliance that we have on the ‘resource’ sector. This has meant that our national policies are easily held to ransom by this sector and a real response … Continue reading

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Stupid ‘climate change deniel’ videos…

A friend sent me a link to a video that is supposed to be the final proof that global warming is not happening and that millions of scientists around the world have got together and planned this massive lie! This … Continue reading

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Confronting Climate Change Deniers – Fallacy 2: Let’s wait for the big guys

Fallacy 2: Unless big emitters take action, we should do nothing Continuing my reading of Mark Diesendorf’s new book, Climate Action, I now turn to the second fallacy he presents, which Big Mark (or MD) summarises as follows: “Since most … Continue reading

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