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The contribution of Indonesian Islam to Western Civilisation

This week I delivered the opening keynote at the annual conference of universities that are overseen by the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) in Indonesia. Though not an expert in Islamic Studies or religion, I was asked to attend to speak … Continue reading

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Vanishing Point: The latest work by Luke Cornish (ELK)

The following essay is part of the Catalogue for the amazing Luke Cornish’s (ELK) latest work: Vanishing Point. Luke is an amazing artist whose work has moved from the street into the gallery and back again. I have been honoured to … Continue reading

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The complexity of progress…

One of my favourite contemporary philosophers is Ronald Wright, who wrote an amazing book called A Short History of Progress (2005). In this book, Wright challenges the concept of progress by showing that civilisations throughout history have believed that they … Continue reading

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