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Education Blog: How educators are failing and how we can respond

Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the re-emergence of One Nation, refusal to accept human induced climate change and the failure of other evidence based policy initiatives such as needs-based school funding and health care. As we see this occurring, … Continue reading

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The contribution of Indonesian Islam to Western Civilisation

This week I delivered the opening keynote at the annual conference of universities that are overseen by the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) in Indonesia. Though not an expert in Islamic Studies or religion, I was asked to attend to speak … Continue reading

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Brexit: Musings from a progressive non-expert…

The decision of the majority of the population to leave the European Union – or the so-called ‘Brexit’ – has sent shockwaves around the world.   It seems that very few people expected this to actually happen: even the leaders … Continue reading

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Western Sydney: existing for 365 days a year… not just during elections

  In a fantastic piece written for Fairfax, columnists Peter Hartcher presents a compelling argument for the decline of Malcolm Turnbull’s popularity. He argues that there are two types of leaders: Standard transactional leaders: that it, you vote for me and … Continue reading

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The complexity of progress…

One of my favourite contemporary philosophers is Ronald Wright, who wrote an amazing book called A Short History of Progress (2005). In this book, Wright challenges the concept of progress by showing that civilisations throughout history have believed that they … Continue reading

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Finding the middle ground: two academics respectfully agree to differ on the academic boycott of Israel

Last weekend I was lucky enough to meet Peter Greste and Waleed Aly at two separate events. Peter was in the Green Room at ABC studio just before I had my segment and Waleed was a guest at my university – … Continue reading

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Online citizenship: The role of the contemporary ‘netizen’

In a recent interview, the current Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, dismissed online engagements as ‘electronic graffiti‘. This statement by the Prime Minister highlighted a clear misunderstanding of a contemporary dimension of citizenship – the ‘netizen‘ The netizen is not … Continue reading

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Never be defined by a number: What does the ATAR really tell us?

I really love teaching… it is an amazing profession. I am not sure what I like the most about it: possibly introducing students to new concepts, seeing that moment when they grasp a new idea or the ability shine a … Continue reading

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‘Dear Prime Minister’: My open letter to Tony Abbott…

It would be hard to argue against the idea that the current political environment is toxic. We have reached a point that political point scoring outweighs what is in the national interest.   This kind of politics tends to split … Continue reading

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On Art and Society… and the awesome work of Luke Cornish…

I must admit, growing up in a migrant, working class family, art played no part in my life. I remember the first time I visited a gallery in school and running around with my class mates making fun of all … Continue reading

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