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Education Blog: Graduate Attributes for 2017 and beyond

Over the last few days I have been reflecting on the need to review the graduates attributes that are at the centre of the Citizen Scholar program that I have been developing with colleagues over the last few years. The … Continue reading

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Meaning and Anxiety: a reflection of Lee Hong’s work

  This week I had the pleasure of launching an exhibition of the work of Lee Hong. Lee is an Australian-Chinese artists who studied at the Central Academy of Art in Beijing. I find Lee’s art incredibly insightful. Below is … Continue reading

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The contribution of Indonesian Islam to Western Civilisation

This week I delivered the opening keynote at the annual conference of universities that are overseen by the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) in Indonesia. Though not an expert in Islamic Studies or religion, I was asked to attend to speak … Continue reading

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Mutualism: Chinese Contemporary Ink Wash Painting Exhibition

Recently I was asked to curate an exhibition of Ink Wash Paintings at the Chinese Culture Centre. The work was launched in August 2016. As the curator, I also wrote the essay titled Mutualism: a connection across worlds which I have reproduced … Continue reading

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Brexit: Musings from a progressive non-expert…

The decision of the majority of the population to leave the European Union – or the so-called ‘Brexit’ – has sent shockwaves around the world.   It seems that very few people expected this to actually happen: even the leaders … Continue reading

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Sociologic: Technological divides in connected cities

Have you done any online shopping, banking, or random googling today? Or have you used Facebook Messenger or email to stay in touch with family, friends or work colleagues? I sure have!   Digital technology, indeed, plays a central role in … Continue reading

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Paris: How do we react to this madness?

The events in Paris have left us all feeling bewildered. I, along with the rest of the world, watched in horror as everything unfolded.   Though I love Paris – it is a place close to my heart as I … Continue reading

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The Greek crisis… see you again in a year or two

In my time studying economics and and working as an economist, what always seemed quite strange to me, was the way the economy was always disconnected from ‘society’. Not only was it disconnected, but always prioritised.   The ludicrousness of … Continue reading

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Re-defining literacy: Internationalisation as a form of literacy…

One focus of my research areas has been to consider the skills that, as educators, we should be teaching our students. It is a project which includes a collaboration with Dr David Hornsby (from Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa) – who … Continue reading

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So many protests, why now?

It is hard to miss the many protests that have been happening around the world. Most of these protests are driven by a broad range of young people. I have written some articles lately that attempt to understand what is … Continue reading

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