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Sociologic: Technological divides in connected cities

Have you done any online shopping, banking, or random googling today? Or have you used Facebook Messenger or email to stay in touch with family, friends or work colleagues? I sure have!   Digital technology, indeed, plays a central role in … Continue reading

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Sociologic: Let’s Think Sociologically About the Current Asylum Seeker Debates

Two Mondays ago the High Court controversially rejected a challenge to the Australian Government’s operation of the immigration detention centre on Nauru as unlawful and unconstitutional. The move could see 267 asylum seekers (including 37 babies and 54 children), all … Continue reading

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Paris: How do we react to this madness?

The events in Paris have left us all feeling bewildered. I, along with the rest of the world, watched in horror as everything unfolded.   Though I love Paris – it is a place close to my heart as I … Continue reading

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Should a University re-brand?

As many people know, Western Sydney University recently rebranded (we ‘killed the bird’ logo replacing it with a shield and changed our name from University of Western Sydney).   This caused outrage in some quarters, mirth in others and a … Continue reading

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Talking Students, Transitions, Achievement, Retention, Success…

Why do students drop out of university? How do they handle the transition into university (be it from secondary school or as mature aged students)? What does student success mean? How can we influence students to achieve? And just as … Continue reading

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Why Ernst & Young should remove degree classification from entry criteria… and why universities must continue innovate

One of the things I have been discussing with friends and colleagues over the last few years is the ‘future of universities’. My argument is quite simple, universities are where newspapers and record labels used to be a decade or so ago: … Continue reading

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Finding the middle ground: two academics respectfully agree to differ on the academic boycott of Israel

Last weekend I was lucky enough to meet Peter Greste and Waleed Aly at two separate events. Peter was in the Green Room at ABC studio just before I had my segment and Waleed was a guest at my university – … Continue reading

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How do we teach creativity?

This semester at my university, the University of Western Sydney, I have been responsible for the introduction of three new subjects: Creativity, Innovation and Design, Introduction to Critical Thinking; and Research Stories.   Along with a fourth subject, Leadership in … Continue reading

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Online citizenship: The role of the contemporary ‘netizen’

In a recent interview, the current Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, dismissed online engagements as ‘electronic graffiti‘. This statement by the Prime Minister highlighted a clear misunderstanding of a contemporary dimension of citizenship – the ‘netizen‘ The netizen is not … Continue reading

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Never be defined by a number: What does the ATAR really tell us?

I really love teaching… it is an amazing profession. I am not sure what I like the most about it: possibly introducing students to new concepts, seeing that moment when they grasp a new idea or the ability shine a … Continue reading

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