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Meaning and Anxiety: a reflection of Lee Hong’s work

  This week I had the pleasure of launching an exhibition of the work of Lee Hong. Lee is an Australian-Chinese artists who studied at the Central Academy of Art in Beijing. I find Lee’s art incredibly insightful. Below is … Continue reading

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Mutualism: Chinese Contemporary Ink Wash Painting Exhibition

Recently I was asked to curate an exhibition of Ink Wash Paintings at the Chinese Culture Centre. The work was launched in August 2016. As the curator, I also wrote the essay titled Mutualism: a connection across worlds which I have reproduced … Continue reading

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Moral licensing: insights into personal justifications…

  I am not sure if you have heard of the concept of ‘moral licensing’. It is a fascinating concept and refers to the idea that if you do something positive – such as voting for the first black president of the … Continue reading

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Vanishing Point: The latest work by Luke Cornish (ELK)

The following essay is part of the Catalogue for the amazing Luke Cornish’s (ELK) latest work: Vanishing Point. Luke is an amazing artist whose work has moved from the street into the gallery and back again. I have been honoured to … Continue reading

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On Art and Society… and the awesome work of Luke Cornish…

I must admit, growing up in a migrant, working class family, art played no part in my life. I remember the first time I visited a gallery in school and running around with my class mates making fun of all … Continue reading

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