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Racists like us: Reflecting on my own writing…

Lecturing about race and racism is one of the most challenging lectures I do. This is because I do not simply talk about these issues in theory, but discuss how they play out in our everyday lives: including how I … Continue reading

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Education Blog: How educators are failing and how we can respond

Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the re-emergence of One Nation, refusal to accept human induced climate change and the failure of other evidence based policy initiatives such as needs-based school funding and health care. As we see this occurring, … Continue reading

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Invasion: and why ‘Get over it’ is the dumbest response to Australian colonialism

When I was at school and we did history lessons, we learnt that Australia was an ’empty land’ and that it ‘belonged to no-one – a terra nulls. Yes, there were Aboriginal people here but they were considered nomadic, uncivilised and … Continue reading

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Paris: How do we react to this madness?

The events in Paris have left us all feeling bewildered. I, along with the rest of the world, watched in horror as everything unfolded.   Though I love Paris – it is a place close to my heart as I … Continue reading

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Finding the middle ground: two academics respectfully agree to differ on the academic boycott of Israel

Last weekend I was lucky enough to meet Peter Greste and Waleed Aly at two separate events. Peter was in the Green Room at ABC studio just before I had my segment and Waleed was a guest at my university – … Continue reading

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The Greek crisis… see you again in a year or two

In my time studying economics and and working as an economist, what always seemed quite strange to me, was the way the economy was always disconnected from ‘society’. Not only was it disconnected, but always prioritised.   The ludicrousness of … Continue reading

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Online citizenship: The role of the contemporary ‘netizen’

In a recent interview, the current Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, dismissed online engagements as ‘electronic graffiti‘. This statement by the Prime Minister highlighted a clear misunderstanding of a contemporary dimension of citizenship – the ‘netizen‘ The netizen is not … Continue reading

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On Cultural Humility

One of my favourite things about living in a multicultural society is the opportunity to work with people from many cultures. Diverse and multicultural societies are fulfilling, from the sharing of food, music and traditions, to an appreciation of the … Continue reading

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Eight things I learnt this year…

It has been an amazing year for me both professionally and personally. Professionally, the highlights are almost too numerous to mention but include being promoted to full professor, delivering 21 keynote presentations, giving five conference papers, publishing a new book … Continue reading

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On being an activist academic

Long before I become an academic, I described myself as ‘an activist’. Though it is a vague term, most people associate it with left wing protest movements. While I would say that I have an affiliation with these movements, I … Continue reading

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