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Why are there pirates in the supermarket?

Sociologic: Analysing Everyday Life and Culture is my new contemporary introduction to sociology for the modern student. I have written it to bring sociology to life  – it should not be about, in the words of one of my students, simply about the theories of ‘dead white guys’!

Readers will learn about sociological concepts through examination of a variety of theories and theorists, all the while relating and applying this knowledge to their own experiences of everyday life. Students will relish exploring the world of society and culture through personal narrative, humour, and examples.

I am the editor and have assembled a stellar author team who collectively give students the tools to analyse how society functions, operates and changes… and lay down a challenge to change it for the better.

Key Features

  • Learn through the voices of real people – student and professional profiles throughout the text show real life examples of situations and expose readers to a wealth of voices and perspectives.
  • Critical reflection questions and discussion questions – encourage students to look at their own lives as they learn so they can see how the theories are relevant.
  • Rich with extra references and further reading to help readers investigate each subject area to greater depths.

Copies (including sample copies) are available through Oxford University Press here…

3 Responses to Sociologic

  1. Chi says:

    Hi James,

    This is going a while back, but I was at the panel talk on White fella’s telling black stories in the 2009 Electrofringe festival. And I remember you talking about the racism that happens between minority groups, and a sort of pecking order. I mean you’d think (and a lot of people do make this assumption) that if you’re part of a minority group you’d be less likely to be racist. Or, bizarrely, some people feel they are entitled to make racist comments because they have endured discrimination themselves. Is there any writing that addresses this phenomenon? I’d like to learn more about it. Chi

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  3. Hello James, thank you for the insightful webpage and collaborative approach. I am a great advocate of virtually learning.. In my humble opinion, there should no too many barriers to learning and education. Social enterprise and conscious economy are two topics that are of great research (and personal) interest to me.. Anything that you can share in these topics would be great. Cheers James

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