So many protests, why now?

It is hard to miss the many protests that have been happening around the world. Most of these protests are driven by a broad range of young people. I have written some articles lately that attempt to understand what is going on.

The first article was written for New Matilda online magaze (and is available here) with the amazing Juan Salazar – a colleague at University of Western Sydney. While the Australian media often focuses on what is happening in Australia, the United States and Britain, we spread our analysis to Latin America and other parts of Europe.

As part of these protests, we have also seen the emergence of the profile ‘Occupy Movement’. Starting as Occupy Wall Street, they began spreading around the world and in Australia Occupy Sydney and Occupy Melbourne proved quite successful. One of the criticisms of these protests is that they have no agenda and no clear message. In an article I wrote for The Punch (available here), I discuss why we should listen to their messages.

If you are interested in this phenomenon, there are a couple of other articles worth following up. The awesome Ben Eltham writing for New Matilda wrote an outstanding piece covering a number of important issues the Occupy Movement is raising. Jesse Wynhausen, also pretty awesome, wrote an opinion piece for the Daily Telegraph on this issue.

I think these protests are not going to go away, so rather than dismiss them, there is a need for our political leaders to listen and respond.

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