Reflections on current political debates

As anyone who has ever read my posts would know, I am not a big fan of the current Australian federal government. I am not saying that they have not done some good things, they have. They also deserve credit for trying to introduce important changes to the way this country operates (like carbon and mining taxes), but they seem unable to make real breakthroughs. Most problematic is that they seem to create many of their own problems.

I do believe that the one thing that is keeping them in power is an federal opposition who is currently led by a group of opportunists and conservatives. Despite all the press, I do not believe people can really stomach them – but maybe I will be proven wrong.

Recently, I have written two articles about the state of Australian politics. The first looks at the way the federal opposition is making reform impossible – taking a negative stance on everything rather than being part of a reform conversation. This is part of The Australian’s ‘Shaping the Future’ series and discusses the possibility for reforming our country towards a low carbon economy. It is available here…

The second article is a reflection on the way that a hysteria has developed around the Australian Greens holding the balance of power. What has made it worse have been the very personal attacks on Senator elect, Lee Rhiannon. People like Gerard Henderson do themselves no favours by looking at someone’s political position when they are 20 year old and using that as a basis of attacks: they come across looking grubby and petty. I am sure we could all be attacked for taking positions that we later regret. Consequently, I wrote this piece for The Punch making fun of the approach that some media, business leaders and parliamentarians have take…

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