Population… size does not matter

For those of us who feel that Australia is at a crossroad on issues around sustainability the debates related to this topic have been more than a little disappointing – and I am not just talking about the election cycle. The issue of sustainability, carrying capacity and population numbers have all been meshed together to give us a linear equation: less people = more sustainability.

I believe that this is a myth that needs to be confront… and so I have grown increasingly frustrated about this debate and have started writing a response to the simplified approach.

You can read the article that I wrote for The Punch here…

In addition, British scientist Fred Pearce, has also challenged some of the numbers people are throwing around in a recent book – read an article by him here…

Hope you enjoy

Cheers, james

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3 Responses to Population… size does not matter

  1. Kathryn Morgan (Cipi) says:

    Hey James, great to hear you on FBI doing sociologic!
    I’m teaching Society & Culture now and I’ve told my kids they have to listen in through the hols. Also, I have a kid researching “western society’s conceptions of revolution” for her major work and wants to interview someone important. Of course I thought of you as someone very important and able to talk about such a fantastic topic! My students are wonderful and I’d be really happy if you could inspire them as you inspired me when I was your student…. heeehehehe sappy huh! But true! Awwww!

  2. Kathryn Morgan (Cipi) says:

    P.S re population size, Im so glad you said that, I too have been on about the absurdity of Dick Smith and these latter day malthusian a-holes. Its so much easier for governments to blame ordinary people (and its pretty obvious they are really talking about new arrivals – e.g, poorer, browner people) for problems of sustainability. They need to invest in infrastructure. That’s all. Australia’s not the only damned country with a desert in the middle.

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