On knowledge, progress traps and water

Whenever I write an article about the importance of acting on climate change or point out flaws in sceptic arguments, I receive a barrage of abusive emails or twitter messages. Not sure why people seem to feel that this is ok, but they do. While most friends  tell me to ignore them, I tend to directly respond to the criticisms with the exchanges usually going something like this:

Them: Human induced climate change is a crock driven by over-zealous greenies like you – and you suck. I do not believe in it. You are a front for the Greens/ALP/Communists* (*delete as appropriate)

Me: Thanks for your well considered email. Please note, climate change is not a religion or superstition you believe in, but based on scientific evidence that you assess. My position is based on overwhelming scientific evidence. I suggest you read up on the science.

Them: Science gets things wrong all the time – like when everyone thought the world was flat.

Me: Yes, there are many problems with scientific method, ideology and process – but regarding your ‘world was flat’ example, have you heard of ‘satellites’?

The conversation either ends there or the abuse gets more personal – at which point I usually move messages into my junk mail. Below are two articles looking at issues of knowledge and I relate them to climate change and water – I hope you enjoy them:

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