Homelands and Land Rights

Recently, the Papua New Guinea parliament replaced its Prime Minister. For those with an interest in the Pacific nation, such changes seem far too regular. What caught many of us by surprise, however, was an announcement by the Minister for Mines to give greater say to local land owners on their own land. Prof Spike Boydell and myself looked at the implications of this development in a recent article for New Matilda available here

While we were positive of the changes, it seems that our hopes did not last long, with the Australian reporting that the PNG Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, has taken a step backwards – heart breaking for many.

While on land rights and homelands, Amnesty International have launched  a new campaign titled Homelands. It highlights how Aboriginal families are strongest when staying connected to their homelands. Ironically, the government is in the process of stripping funds for essential services from traditional Aboriginal homelands. The consequences will continue to be devastating.

Read more about the campaign and sign up for updates…

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