Economics – a discussion of housing and stimulous

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Many of us have been frustrated with the simple positions taken in the 2010 federal election especially around economics. As a result, I have decided to write a couple of pieces as follows…

1. The stimulous package

No matter how you feel about the ALP, the stimulous package saved Australia from deep recession. While I was critical of some aspects of the package in the past, I think Rudd/Swan should be commended for it. I explain why here… for the Centre for Policy Development

2. Housing and economic policy beyond interest rates

In a globalised economy, the direction that interest rates take has as much to do with international factors as domestic management – and as a result, this proxy can be misdirected. A better way to judge economic credentials and leadership is by looking at the issue of housing: who can afford what; what are the inflationary implications; where is it located; and is it both economically and environmentally sustainable? These questions should not be limited to home ownership, but also need to be applied to the rental market.

Read more here… in an article I wrote with Lee Rhiannon – Green’s candidate for the Senate…

Hope you enjoy the read

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