‘Dear Prime Minister’: My open letter to Tony Abbott…

IMG_1603It would be hard to argue against the idea that the current political environment is toxic. We have reached a point that political point scoring outweighs what is in the national interest.


This kind of politics tends to split the electorate along party political lines: we take sides, wanting ‘the other side’ to fail no matter what the consequences.


There is no doubt that Tony Abbott and his Coalition made an art form of this in Opposition. The Gillard Government was attacked at every turn and in the move to bring down the government, Mr Abbott made some strange bedfellows – most notably at the anti-carbon tax rallies.


Mr Abbott also said some things that in hindsight, we can only presume he regrets. Most notable is the time when Mr Abbott, referring to the Prime Minister during a debate, stated that:

Now, are you suggesting to me that when it comes from Julia, no doesn’t mean no

The connotations of sexual violence could not be missed.


Now in Opposition, the question is how will the ALP react?


More importantly, how do we progressives act more generally?


I do believe that some things are beyond politics and not only in the national interest, but important for our society.

When I was invited to write something for Opinion Online, I decided to write an open letter to the Prime Minister listing some issues that must be put ahead of party politics. The letter is available here…


I have been overwhelmed by the response. I think it offers the space for thinking of the things we can agree on before debating that divide us.


We have to find a way to communicate across party lines because the way our politicians are carrying on is damaging our democracy – both in terms of their behaviour, but also that good policy becomes secondary to out scoring your opponent.


I doubt it will make a difference, but it is too important not to try…

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One Response to ‘Dear Prime Minister’: My open letter to Tony Abbott…

  1. Tamara Wilcox says:

    Dear sir Tony Abott,
    I am asking you to make more national parks for the wild life, for there are hundreds of animals endangered and already EXTINKED. And more are gonna be extinked if we dont fight back. When a animal is extinked it is NEVER EVER seen again. I know I am an animal lover , and I am not the onley one. When I heard about the animals extinct now me and my friend where SHOCKED and imediently we wanted to fight back. And if you can’t think of ways to help I already thught if som and lsted them, so you will have no excuse not to help.

    make more national parks
    cancel white night
    band battery cages
    put more protectian 0n animls to avoid huting
    band hunting season

    Thank you so so so so so much. You are the best.
    From Tamara Wilcox

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