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Sociologic Melbourne Book Launch… 22 March 2016

Announcing the Melbourne book launch of Sociologic…. Why are there pirates in the supermarket? How do we understand our cultural obsession with cars? Should you trust a doctor that you know well? Why did I take lamb to my first lecture? … Continue reading

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Talking Students, Transitions, Achievement, Retention, Success…

Why do students drop out of university? How do they handle the transition into university (be it from secondary school or as mature aged students)? What does student success mean? How can we influence students to achieve? And just as … Continue reading

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Why Ernst & Young should remove degree classification from entry criteria… and why universities must continue innovate

One of the things I have been discussing with friends and colleagues over the last few years is the ‘future of universities’. My argument is quite simple, universities are where newspapers and record labels used to be a decade or so ago: … Continue reading

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How do we teach creativity?

This semester at my university, the University of Western Sydney, I have been responsible for the introduction of three new subjects: Creativity, Innovation and Design, Introduction to Critical Thinking; and Research Stories.   Along with a fourth subject, Leadership in … Continue reading

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What skills should we be teaching Higher Education students?

 Recently I did a presentation for the Careers Advisers Association (NSW/ACT)  – CAA – at my university and the program I run – The Academy at the University of Western Sydney. The CAA is an important organisation that, according to their … Continue reading

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Education 3.0: Exploring Innovation in Higher Education

Over the last decade I have met, consulted and advised hundreds (perhaps thousands) of students and their parents about which courses to study at University. As we sit and talk about the choices of degrees, one question always emerges: ‘What … Continue reading

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How do we ‘future proof’ education?

There are two issues that relate to the future of universities that are on my mind at the moment that I think we, as academics and administrators, must address.   The first is the issue of educating students in a … Continue reading

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On Cultural Humility

One of my favourite things about living in a multicultural society is the opportunity to work with people from many cultures. Diverse and multicultural societies are fulfilling, from the sharing of food, music and traditions, to an appreciation of the … Continue reading

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Seven tips for good teaching…

One of the disclaimers I always make when invited to speak about my teaching is that I am not someone who has been trained in pedagogical theory. Rather, my journey into teaching has been about figuring out what I loved … Continue reading

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Eight things I learnt this year…

It has been an amazing year for me both professionally and personally. Professionally, the highlights are almost too numerous to mention but include being promoted to full professor, delivering 21 keynote presentations, giving five conference papers, publishing a new book … Continue reading

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