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How to survive a PhD: 22 tips from the Dean of Graduate Studies

It has been over 18 months since I was appointed the Dean of Western Sydney University’s Graduate Research School. It is a job that I really do love. But is also a job that can be heartbreaking, as I have … Continue reading

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Racists like us: Reflecting on my own writing…

Lecturing about race and racism is one of the most challenging lectures I do. This is because I do not simply talk about these issues in theory, but discuss how they play out in our everyday lives: including how I … Continue reading

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Education Blog: How educators are failing and how we can respond

Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the re-emergence of One Nation, refusal to accept human induced climate change and the failure of other evidence based policy initiatives such as needs-based school funding and health care. As we see this occurring, … Continue reading

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Education Blog: Graduate Attributes for 2017 and beyond

Over the last few days I have been reflecting on the need to review the graduates attributes that are at the centre of the Citizen Scholar program that I have been developing with colleagues over the last few years. The … Continue reading

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Meaning and Anxiety: a reflection of Lee Hong’s work

  This week I had the pleasure of launching an exhibition of the work of Lee Hong. Lee is an Australian-Chinese artists who studied at the Central Academy of Art in Beijing. I find Lee’s art incredibly insightful. Below is … Continue reading

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The contribution of Indonesian Islam to Western Civilisation

This week I delivered the opening keynote at the annual conference of universities that are overseen by the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) in Indonesia. Though not an expert in Islamic Studies or religion, I was asked to attend to speak … Continue reading

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Uni Graduations and… well, Pauline Hanson…

Last week Western Sydney University had its September graduations. It is always an important event for those graduating, their families and also the university – something that it true for all universities. It is an event that the University takes seriously … Continue reading

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Mutualism: Chinese Contemporary Ink Wash Painting Exhibition

Recently I was asked to curate an exhibition of Ink Wash Paintings at the Chinese Culture Centre. The work was launched in August 2016. As the curator, I also wrote the essay titled Mutualism: a connection across worlds which I have reproduced … Continue reading

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Sociologic #4: The 2016 fed election & Pauline Hanson

It is hard to imagine that a few months have already passed since the federal election. One of the reasons that it feels so recent is that it was only just decided. In fact, the  Senate puzzle was only sorted over the … Continue reading

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Moral licensing: insights into personal justifications…

  I am not sure if you have heard of the concept of ‘moral licensing’. It is a fascinating concept and refers to the idea that if you do something positive – such as voting for the first black president of the … Continue reading

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